Figas, Figueira da Foz

Welcome to Bikeshare System Figueira da Foz - Figas, one of the most innovative bikeshare system and advanced available in the country.


With 40 electric bicycles, 25 conventional bikes and 7 stations conveniently distributed to serve users who want to know the Figueira da Foz and the surrounding area, and are available every day, all year.


The Figas is perfect for exploring the many natural and cultural attractions of the city of Figueira da Foz. The assistance system with an electric motor of our bikes makes it very easy to travel both in on winding like walking on flat ground, giving the user a new bike’s experience, fun and easy to use, that is changing the paradigm of urban mobility in cities around the world.


We want to give our residents and visitors the chance to take part in this change that electric mobility is bringing to the world, creating new urban mobility, environmentally friendly and proactive a healthier lifestyle.


There are 7 bike stations, easy to find and access where you can get up and leave the bicycles. They are identified by the painted blue areas on the floor where you will find the docks for bicycles. You can find them in Terminal de Autocarros (Bus Terminal), in Praça Europa (Europe Square), next to the Torre do Relógio, next to the Oasis, next to the Muralhas de Buarcos, next to the Cruz Vermelha, and at Praça da Borloteira.


Having access to a bike is extremely easy because we provide a simple payment solution available and online subscriptions, either through a mobile application or with multimedia kiosk stations.


This is an initiative of the Municipality of Figueira da Foz, funded by the European Union, which we hope will please you as a user, to which we turn to one of the most modern in the world of bikeshare systems, with effective management on real-time of all the vehicle fleet and its use.


Help us keep this system active, reporting potential abuses, simply report the time, place and bike’s number to customer support +351 308 811 668 or mobile application.